First week in a new place

I arrived in SB a week ago Friday.  My mom and my aunt helped me move into where I’m now living (we got it done so quickly, thanks to their help and ample storage space in a semi furnished room).  On Saturdaymorning, my mom, my aunt and I walked two beaches, visited Starbucks and got a smoothie.   We were waiting to return to the house I’m sharing at a time where we could finish the unpacking because it included hammering on walls. When we returned to the house, my aunt left to visit my cousin about an hour away, and my mom and I hung pictures and decorations and then set out to see SB and get some lunch.  Then, we set off to get groceries and things I needed.  Without a car, it was great having my mom help me get things rolling.

On Sunday, we had a few more errands to run and then my mom decided it was time to make the trip home.  Before she left, we drove by a Monastery near the Mission…and I had to take a picture of it.  It gave us a great laugh.  Just think if your name is a version of the spelling for Clare…there’s a place for you in SB.

Monastery of Poor Clares

Monday morning I set off for my new job at WC (a 10-15 minute walk from where I’m living).  When I arrived at the office where I work, I was met with this…

Welcome sign

I seemed to have arrived into SB at a great time.  This past week was Fiesta week and there were events practically all week.  The opening ceremony was on Wednesday night at the Mission and thanks to my friend (and old roommate from WC) I was able to attend this public event.  There was singing, traditional dancing groups and confetti filled eggs being smashed everywhere.
 On Friday, the last event I attended for Fiesta Week was going with a friend and her family to one of the Mercado’s (it was like a fair, with free carnival rides and food booths where proceeds went to non-profits). 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Saturday was a day for me to explore…I pumped up my bike tires and I took off for the beach…first stop to the library to get a library card, next to Starbucks, then I headed to the bike path at Butterfly Beach and biked along the beach path with a goal of stopping at East Beach to eat my lunch, rest and recoup my muscles for the trip back up the hill.

Made it to the beach!

 Oh, but I must tell you…the trip back was so tough on my bike…I walked my bike practically the whole way, except for when the grade was flat or down hill…and where I was going was up hill…I didn’t think I would make it…but I did…with lots of sunburn and sore muscles as a reminder of my trip. When the shuttles are back up and running at WC, I’m so going to use them (I can put my bike on the rack they have at the front) to bring me back up the hill…

So there you have it.  My first week in a new place.
Hmmm…what will happen next week???
(The slideshow includes all the pictures, including the individual ones posted, and in order written about in the blog.)
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