One Month

Today is exactly one month since I started my new job at WC in SB.  I cannot believe it’s been a month already.

It’s been an interesting transition…no access to a car…not knowing a lot of people…starting a new job in a totally new ‘sector’ … figuring out how to get groceries without a car…finding the right bike path to take to two different beaches and how to make it back up the hill home (and survive to tell about it)…

And mostly, being vulnerable enough to allow God to show me how much He loves me and is providing for me AND is answering prayers.

Once such example happened just the other day.

On Monday, one of my hearing aids died…kaput.  It cannot be fixed.  It’s partner died in July and I was told that they are old and cannot be repaired!  I am now living with an old hearing aid that was my great aunt’s which still works and amazingly requires a size 13 battery that I just so happen to have a lot of since my other aids required that size too.

The loss of another hearing aid moved me to action.  I called the ENT/Audiologist within my medical plan (So so blessed to have a job where I have a medical plan!).  I was able to get a hearing test appointment this coming Tuesday.  This is the first step in getting new hearing aids.  After the test, I hope to be directed to a hearing aid office where I will be fitted with new ones.  And, maybe new ear moulds, that don’t make my ears itch and peal because I’m allergic to the plastic (in one ear only, yes, it appears I am that complicated).

Monday, Tuesday and today (Thursday), I have experienced not just God’s faithfulness, but the graciousness of those who love and serve Him. I can’t share the details but I can say that I have been greatly encouraged.

On Monday, letting my boss know that I had an appointment that happened to fall during work hours…no problem, you need to do this I was told, as well as not to worry about transportation there.  On Tuesday, I was informed by a co-worker that his car was available if I or my office mate needed a car to use…I told him I just happened to have a need.  Thursday, was told not to worry about the cost, there is help coming my way…so I was make sure I pick aids that meet the needs of my hearing impairment and not based on what I can afford.

See, it’s been an interesting month.  I look forward to what God has in store for me in the months to come.  I’m thankful for the adventure and what I’m learning about myself and those God has placed around me!

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