I’m still here…It’s just been a while!

It’s been so long since I posted something (like a month).  I’ve been hesitating about writing…anything…everything…nothing… and for the last month, I really haven’t found anything “amazing” to write about nor do I have any great recipes to share.

Yes, I guess my life is THAT boring.  My week days are filled with work; my evenings making my dinner and getting things ready for the next day…and now that the TV season is back up and running, trying to keep up with my favorite shows (some on the night they are scheduled and others getting caught up online).  My weekends?  Bike ride to the beach and errands, relaxing and enjoying living in SB.   Oh, and in between it all…reading e-books from the library! 

Yes, I AM that boring!

My newest “thing” is to ride my bike down into SB on Sunday mornings for a church I’ve just started attending, stopping first at Starbucks.  The ride takes about 45 mins (including the stop at Starbucks).  It is such a great ride; exhilarating down hill ride (15 min) to Starbucks and a 30 minute faster-than-leisurely pace along the beach and harbor to SBCC where the church is meeting.  Quite possibly the best part of my weekend routine yet!

Two of my friends in Aberdeen, H & C, within a day of each other (one sending a card and the other sending me a long email from her Iphone) asked me the same question.  Have I found a church?   I have.  It’s the one held at SBCC on Sundays, and so far I have really enjoyed the sermons and what I’m learning in Ephesians.  They don’t have home groups up and running yet, but I’m hoping that when they do, I’ll be able to join a group.

Tomorrow we are expecting a huge storm…I can’t wait to use the wellies I bought before I came back to the US…

Glee is about to start and, from all the things I’ve read so far, it’s a good one, so I better sign off. 

I promise to write something more exciting soon, and maybe include some photos.

What shows are you getting excited about?  For me, it’s Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife…and I’m intrigued by Pan Am…

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