One Year!

A couple of Saturday’s ago, after being busy getting groceries, I realized that it was January 21st.  And exactly one year ago on that day, I returned to the US after living in Scotland for almost 3.5 years.  I can hardly believe that it went by so quickly.

Looking over the last year, I realize that I’ve experienced a lot.  Here’s just a few things I’ve experienced and my musings about them…

1) Waded in the Pacific Ocean immediately upon re-entry (kind of).  It was a January day…sunny warm…I had to get my feet on the sand immediately!

2) Ate my fill and some more of Mexican food.  When asked what I wanted to eat it was always Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle.

3) Visited my sister in Washington State (twice).

4) Applied for a gazillion jobs over a six month period…before getting my current job here at WC, I had a one shift a week job at Bath and Body Works, promising other opportunities that didn’t really happen…but then August 1st I started my current job at WC.

5) With time on my hands I had the best tan I’ve ever had in years!!! I believe that my skin was and is more receptive to tanning due to the 3.5 years of sun detox program I was on (aka Scotland).

6) Took a small break from knitting, but have since completed my first adult sweater for me, now working on my second, and planning my third. 

First Adult Sweater Finished


Second Adult Sweater Started!

7) Started jogging/walking twice a week around WC’s track. It’s not about speed or how many miles I’m planning to tackle, it’s about consistency and stamina and getting stronger legs (so that I can actually do more riding up the hills than pushing the bike up the hill…).

8) Biking down to church each Sunday and enjoying the ride along the beach…it’s like all the walking I did in Aberdeen, if I don’t do it, I miss it…so I just love  my Sunday AM bike rides down to the beach and along the beach.

9) Realized how much I love living on the coast and how appreciative I am for living and working here.

10) Taking the train is actually an enjoyable way to get away!

11) Loving all the vegan options in restaurants and vegan restaurants themselves…and Whole Foods!

12) Making new friends, but missing my friends in Scotland. So looking forward to H & C coming to visit in June.  Can’t wait to show them California! 

It’s been an interesting year…I wonder what this next year be like.

Have a great weekend!

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