Birthday Weekend and the Sea Glass Festival

March is a great month!  A great month to have a birthday!

That’s right.  My birthday was on the 9th and I decided to take a trip back up the coast to Cayucos for the 2nd Annual Sea Glass Festival.  My mom and grandma were driving down to meet me in San Luis Obispo (SLO) and I took the train from SB.  The ride on the train was so great and relaxing, especially with a seat on the coast side.  Don’t bother bringing a book to read, the views alone will stop you from reading a word.  Beautiful.

The plan was for me to walk from the train station into SLO and wait for my mom and grandma at B&N where I would wait for their call as they entered SLO and meet them at a local restaurant for dinner before heading up to Cayucos.  Once I got the call, I headed down Higuera Street and as I was crossing to the other side, I heard a car honk (which I have trained myself to ignore) and someone yell my name…low and behold, there they were!  I immediately got into the car from the cross walk and we drove off to the restaurant.

After dinner, we drove to Cayucos and settled into the little apartment we rented for the weekend.  The next morning we ate a special breakfast of swedish pancakes, potato patties and lingonberry jam…from my mom’s recent trip to Ikea.  They were so good!  (But so very bad for my vegan diet!) 

About 9:30 we drove down into Cayucos to stand in line in front of the Vets Hall for the Sea Glass Festival. Once entering, the room is crazy…people surrounding the tables of sellers of sea glass items.  This year, they spread out the sellers into two and a half rooms.  So glad they did that…last year you could hardly see anything or get to anything.  My goal this year was to find a bracelet.  I bought a little glass container with some English sea glass and started on my mission for the bracelet.  Oh my.  The costs were far more than I wanted to spend…and honestly, there was one I was considering that was more reasonable but it was not at all my style or what I had in mind. So I moved on, and decided that perhaps it wasn’t the year for the bracelet.  As we were about to leave, I took a look at the items from this one seller that had I walked by several times, and found it!  It was the same price as the other that was not my style and it was exactly what I had in mind.  I was so happy. 

So, 45 minutes later we were done…and decided to move on to Cambria for lunch.  We thought we could go and sit on the beach after lunch, but the weather turned cold and windy, and we were not interested in sitting on the beach.  Back to Cayucos and did some knitting, then my mom and I took a walk to the beach to walk along the beach.  It was a great way to warm up! 

On Sunday, we drove up to Cambria for breakfast at a favorite (Creekside Restaurant).  And, then drove back to Cayucos.  Cleaned up the apartment and drove to Morro Bay and into SLO.  We were sad we couldn’t linger, but the weather was a little chilly than we expected.

Once in SLO, my mom and grandma set off for home, and I hung out until it was time to go back to the train station.

It was a great birthday weekend!

Knitting updates: 

After I finished the Rocky Coast Cardigan, I started on the Water’s Edge Cardigan.  As I knitted Water’s Edge, I learned some new knitting techniques but, most importantly, I learned about what styles work on me.  Water’s Edge is not a good style for me, but I wanted to make sure before ripping it all out (or in knitting vernacular–frogged it).  I knitted it all the way to the second sleeve and tried it on.  And, yes, it was so not a good style for me.  I ripped (frogged) it that night! So, now I am working on a 3 button wrap and have several projects lined up, as well as 2 possible patterns to try with the yarn from the Water’s Edge Cardigan.


Haven’t done any creating of my own, but have very recently received my pre-ordered (and paid for) copy of the new cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli called “Chloe’s Kitchen” and have flagged practically every recipe to try. I have made a list of 7 things I must try right now!  My shopping list has ingredients for them.  Last night I made the Cinnamon-Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies.  So tasty…I didn’t have espresso powder so I used Starbuck’s Via packets…and maybe put too many and adjusted with a little more sugar…but the cookies are delicious.  I encourage you to check out her cookbook, even if you aren’t vegan but are thinking of great ways to go meatless on Meatless Mondays!  What’s on my list next to make…the potstickers, burgers, the yoga cookies, the seitan (wheat meat), and two others I can’t remember.

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