Finishing out the month of June

Yesterday, June 30th, I volunteered (my friend E is the Public Affairs person for The Museum of Natural History in SB) at the Museum of Natural History’s SB Wine Festival…proceeds going to the Museum.  I helped to check the Media and VIPs into the Festival.  When my shift was over, I was able to wander through the Festival and try some amazing wine and food.  Currently, my favorite wine is Pinot Noir and I tried quite a few.  I tried a Pinot from Cambria Winery…lovely…and another from Dierberg Vineyards…very smooth and oak-y.  And, I re-tried Oreana’s Pinot Noir and it was great too.

There were food/drink vendors offering samples too.  Just a few that I visited…Yankee Candle Company was there handing out wine inspired candles…Icebox-water in a box (instead of plastic) was handing out water…Dry Soda Co. was offering samples of really interesting flavors like lavender (love), Rhubarb (yes, that’s right–it was really good), Juniper Berry (tasted like 7-Up, refreshing) and Cucumber (Oh. My. Goodness.)…Freezer Monkey’s sharing samples of frozen treats (both the raspberry and the carmalized pineapple were delicious)…Pacific Pickle Works provided samples of their pickles (the pickles were so fresh and tasty and veggies still a little crunchy!)…Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offering iced tea (the tea was so much nicer here than when I tried it at a local shop…so I enjoyed it…twice!).   I would have loved to have taken home some of these goodies to enjoy again!

I’ve made two delicious salads this week…Farro with Artichoke Hearts and Vegan Caprese Salad.  I can’t say enough how fantastic these salads are.  So delicious served on their own…or served together with sautéed green beens…oh. my. goodness.  One hint for the Farro salad…start with 1/2 tsp black pepper then increase to taste (1 tsp was a little too much for me).  Two hints for the Caprese Salad…use sprouted firm tofu (I use Wildwood) and use a little more salt (to taste) because the salt helps the tofu to mimic the mozzarella flavor.

I’ve been looking at some of my photos from my trip with my friends H&C when they were visiting California.  I thought I share a few with you in the slideshow below.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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