My August, So Far

It feels like this month is speeding by much faster than it needs to.  Here we are just over half way through the month and soon it will be September.

At work, things are gearing up for the return of students, and next week they begin to drift in for pre-orientation, then the real orientation and move in weekend. (I work at a private Christian college.) So, my 8-5 M-Fs are back to being busy.  During the month of July I was able to arrange my schedule so that I could get off of work by 4 and loved it so much…it was a long day for me on the 8th when I had to go back to my normal schedule. But I obviously survived.

I’m kind of excited for the start of the new academic year, with one year working for the college finished, I know what to expect and am able to anticipate things a lot better than last year.

But this weekend, one of my housemates is moving to another location near by (which will be great because I know I’ll miss her company) and tomorrow my new bed arrives (exact delivery time not yet confirmed…just the lovely window of 7am to 9pm!).

Last weekend was such a great weekend.  My sister flew in for an interview and stayed for the weekend. We walked several beaches, breathed in the sea air, had a picnic, ate dinner at a restaurant with our feet in the sand, shared our joy of Starbucks several times a day and looked around the area for possible places for my sister to move to if she got the job.  I truly enjoyed having her in town!

Meanwhile in the knitting-sphere, I completed the Honey Cowl…

Honey Cowl – pattern from MadelineTosh

Started and finished The Peekabo Mitts(in the same yarn as the Honey Cowl)…

Peekaboo Fingerless Mitts by Abi Connors

And, started my next project…the Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos using this yarn…

Yarn from Manos del Uruguay for the Cedar Leaf Shawlette

So far the Shawlette is going great and I’m thoroughly enjoying the yarn! I am learning new techniques…picking up wraps (soon) and knitting leaves along the edge once the body is knit.

I’ve also been busy contemplating the pattern for my next project for the yarn I currently have from a past project. I’ve decided on the Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre using Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Balance in a green colorway.

I also won another contest…YAY!…(thanks Bostonjen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast) and was able to choose a pattern from Ravelry for my prize.  I chose a pattern from Kate Davies called Deco…and I think this (when I get to it …probably after knitting the Tea Leaves Cardigan and the Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (using another yarn from a past project).  I believe Deco will really be a test of skill and I know I will be learning something!  By the way, I just love some of Kate Davies’ designs.  They are so beautiful; classic, retro-y, elegant.

Meanwhile in the food realm, been enjoying Chloe’s Kitchen a lot and feel I’ve been neglecting Alicia Silverstone…I’m sure that will change soon.  My mom told me about a recipe she tried from the Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone– a warm potato salad with edemame and cucumber.  Sounded delicious!

Tomorrow while I wait for the bed delivery, I am making some cupcakes from Peas and Thank You…Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes…to bring to a work lunch on Monday…I am making something vegan, a request from my boss.  She thought it would be nice to showcase my talents too! (That was nice.) And if I was going to make something and I wanted people to say “I can’t believe it’s vegan!” then I was going to make something more than cookies.  So I decided that I would make cupcakes.  These cupcakes look simple enough but delicious all the same.  Can’t wait to try them. I might make a double batch!

So that’s been my few weeks. Hope your summer has been a great one!

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  1. Beautiful work!

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