And a new year (academic year) begins…

No, I’m not back in school. I work at a college and last week was filled with orientation events for new students.  It was a busy week and it ended well on Friday with the Service of Commitment complete with full academic regalia and a bag piping three-some (they were good but after living in Scotland for 3.5 years, I couldn’t help thinking about the amazing pipers I’ve heard and I’m trying hard not to compare) and the parents good-bye …yes, there’s a slot in the schedule specifically for this.  The weather made it so great…kind of…cool, overcast and foggy in the AM which was great for move-in day on Thursday…it did burn off in the afternoon, but apparently this weather was a first for move-in days.

For me, a new academic year means the campus shuttles are BACK! Since I don’t have a car, yet (sold it while in Scotland and haven’t been able to get a car…yet.) so I use the campus shuttles to get around.  What I like to do is ride my bike down the hill, ride to Starbucks and ride along the beach and into town.  On the way back, catch the shuttle (the shuttles have bike racks) so I don’t have to suffer going up the hill on my bike.  Yes, I’m weak like that.  When the academic year ends so do the shuttles. I’m actually glad that summer went by quickly…and I’m amazed I survived the summer but thanks go to my friends from Scotland visiting early in June-rented a car, my local friends including me on their shopping runs and picking me up at the beach with my bike, my mom visiting, and my sister visiting-rented a car.

So, with the shuttles back, I’m making plans…midweek trip down to Starbucks, ride into town Sat and Sun every weekend, get to know my local yarn shop (the one I used to go to has since closed but there’s another that is easy to get to by bike and shuttle), and just enjoy my town a lot more than I did last year.

Knitting. Well, I’m still working on the Cedar Leaf Shawlette. I’m currently knitting the leaves and it takes concentration to remember what pattern row you are on.  I’m really loving how this is looking.  As soon as I finish I will write another post and photos will be included.  Once this is done, I will be ready to start a cardigan.

Food. I haven’t been too creative this week but I purchased a long-awaited food processor. I can make my own hummus, nut butters and other amazing things.  One recipe I found this week from Emily from the Daily Garnish blog, which actually made me purchase my food processor, a recipe called Coconut Date Energy Bites.  I made these this morning and they are tasty…and were so easy to make.  I have a sweet tooth and I’m trying not run to chocolate when I hit a craving.  I’m hoping these bites will help satisfy my sweet tooth when I long for something, especially after dinner! I hope you will have a chance to try these bites too.

Next weekend is Labor Day, so enjoy your long weekend (I actually have to work on Labor Day…I know I’m a little disappointed, but I get an extra day off in October)!

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