I cannot believe how fast September has flown by. It is now officially Fall, even though it doesn’t feel like it where I am.

A couple of weekends ago, my mom and my sister (who flew down from Seattle, WA) met me off the train in San Luis Obispo so we could spend a fun weekend in Cayucos.  After arriving, unloading, and making beds, we took a walk along the beach and ended up at Schooners Wharf restaurant for dinner.  On Saturday, we hung around the house and in the afternoon tried to have lunch on the beach.  I write “tried to” because it was so windy that we didn’t even unpack our things, instead we drove back to the house and ate our lunch on the porch.  It was so nice.  Later, my sister and I walked down to the beach, braving the wind, to get a little sun.  That evening before getting dinner at Cafe della Via (food was so good!), we walked down the hill to Full Moon Tasting Room and tried amazing wines.  I ended up getting a glass of Kenneth Volk Vineyards 2009 Blaufrankisch.  Oh, it was wonderful.  Since I’m into Pinot Noir’s now, the Blaufrankisch was right up my alley.  It’s on my list now as a favorite!  Then, on Sunday, we took another walk along the beach and ended up having a delicious breakfast at the Sea Shanty.

Knitting:  I finished the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  The picture is what it looked like in progress.  Today I’m actually blocking it, in hopes that the leaves lay flat and not rolled. It is really beautiful and I can see myself wearing this more like a scarf than a shawl.

Cedar Leaf Shawlette

When I finished the Shawlette, I started on the Tea Leaves Cardigan using the yarn from a previous project, so you may recognize the green yarn. I am currently working on the body (after splitting stitches for the sleeves) and it is stockingette stitch the entire way. I have probably completed about 4.5 inches of the body so far and I need to get to 13 inches, so I have ways to go yet before I get into the edging and sleeves.

Tea Leaves Cardigan progress

For other knitting ideas, I have been thinking that rather than starting another stockingette stitch heavy sweater, using the brown yarn from a previously frogged project, I would look at starting another sweater that has more interesting details, like cables…so I may be starting Hallett’s Ledge a lot sooner than I had planned.  But I need to buy my yarn for this.  I am thinking either Knitpicks Wool of the Andes or City Tweed…just not sure of the color, but one thing to note…I have to stay away from blues which will be very tough!  (I have far too many things in blue!)  Any suggestions to which one to use and color??

Cooking:  Well, I’ve been kind of lazy on this front, but I have taken inspiration from a blog I like to read on how to cook kale.  I normally just saute kale in earth balance and season it with garlic powder, salt and pepper, but Emily from Daily Garnish shared a great idea…not new I’m sure, but I actually decided to try it out.  And, you should too.  The recipe is really easy…but you will need some nutritional yeast for the cheesy flavor.  I must admit, I didn’t bake them to make them crispy the first time I followed the recipe, but the second time they got a little more crispy than before (more about timing…I may have left them in too long).  But overall, they were great and I will make them again!

Last night I made Chloe Coscorell’s Israeli Couscous salad.  I topped it with some sautéed kale (not the cheesy kale noted above) and some sautéed field roast sausage (Smoked Apple Sage).  This was a delicious dinner, and will be repeated.  I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!  This was the first time I tried the Smoked Apple Sage sausage…I’ve been buying the Italian sausage… and it was so good.  Sort of creamier than the Italian and it had great flavor!  With Fall foods on my mind, pumpkin soup being one of them, this sausage will really be a great addition.

With the month ending in a week or so, I hope this month has been a good one for you!

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