Knitting Fail and October Eats

Oh, did I have a knitting project fail!  And, the second time with the yarn too!

I was knitting the Tea Leaves Cardigan with green yarn, the same green yarn I tried to use when knitting the Water’s Edge (by Hannah Fettig) Cardigan.  It wasn’t the pattern.  I’m honestly convinced that it is not the pattern at all.  There is just something about this yarn…it stretches as you knit.  The yarn is a merino wool and cotton blend and this blend (don’t quote me) must cause the fabric made by knitting to stretch.

I knit the entire body of Tea Leaves Cardigan and was about to begin knitting the sleeves when I realized how much the sweater stretched out.  There were other things wrong that bugged me too…  So yes, the sweater has been frogged.  The yarn?  Rolled back into balls and put in a bag to use later, though I have no intention of using it for a cardigan again.

In the meantime, I have planned my next three projects with yarn chosen and ordered.  The first is called Larch by Amy Christoffers (looks like it’s a bottom up cardigan with a very different construction…so lots of learning will happen with this cardigan!), and I will be making it in the hollyberry color from Knit Picks (Wool of the Andes Sport).  The other two sweaters are the Breezy by Hannah Fettig in Knit Picks (Shadow Lace) in Vineyard Heather and Deco by Kate Davies in Knit Picks (Wool of the Andes Sport) in Papaya Heather. What? No blue, no green, you ask? That’s right…those colors are on time out because I have far too many items made in blue and I need to bring more colors into my color palette!

While I’m waiting for the yarn for the Larch cardigan to arrive, I am knitting an oversized wrap with yarn I purchased in 2004.  The cover pattern from Vogue Knitting Fall 2004.  I started this way back then and it’s been sitting. So I unraveled it because I didn’t know where I stopped and started over.  This is just straight stockinette stitch (knit, purl) and long (216 stitches across)…so excellent TV knitting.

Just before the calendar turned to October and the season changed to “Fall” , even if the weather didn’t turn “fall-like”, I decided I needed to make “fall-like” food…chili and cornbread (I made those on a particularly hot day and ate the leftovers even when the temperatures soared!) from Daily Garnish.  Both the chili and cornbread include ingredients that I would never have thought to have added (cinnamon in the chili…pumpkin, pumpkin spices and molasses in the cornbread).  They were so good…last two servings of both are in the freezer to eat at a later date.

Last night, I made a delicious dinner, a true fall-like dinner.  Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf from Oh She Glows, mashed potatoes (made with unsweetened, unflavored almond milk, Earth Balance, salt and pepper), Golden Gravy from Chef Chloe, sautéed garlic kale and some apple sauce.  Oh my! After I ate my dinner, I texted my mom to tell her I found our Thanksgiving dinner menu!  I can’t wait for my dinner tonight…leftovers!  (Recipe Notes: Lentil Loaf – I put the sautéed vegetables into my food processor in order to get the veggies into a more uniform size. I also did this with the lentils in order to mash them a little more.  These steps worked really well giving the loaf a great texture.  Golden Gravy – This is amazing gravy! That’s all!)

Because I started so late in getting the above dinner going, I wasn’t able to make my dessert…the previously secret Ginger Nutmeg Spiced Cupcakes by Chef Chloe…you have to buy her cookbook in order to get the recipe.  Since I couldn’t get to it last night I made it this morning…didn’t make it into cupcakes, I made it as a half recipe and as a snack cake.  I didn’t top the cake with the buttercream frosting and the special glaze, just the special glaze.  The outcome…sort of like a spiced sticky toffee cake (not pudding).  I tried a little piece of the cake and the glaze as soon as it cooled and the cake is so good!  Can’t wait for dinner!!

One last thing I made to take to work on Tuesday (I get Monday off), Chef Chloe’s fudge.  I’ve had a piece…it is rich and very good.  The recipe says to cut the fudge into 2 inch squares…I had an inch square, and that was enough!  (Recipe Notes: If you’re vegan or considering a vegan diet or have friends who are vegan and you want to cook for them or you want to add dairy free/meat free options into your diet and don’t know where to start…get her book! Just do it! Every recipe I’ve tried has been delicious and well worth it!)

That’s the update so far…the bad and the good!  Hope your October is off to a great start!

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