Selfie #augustbreak2013

I had a hard time deciding what to do for my “Selfie” today.  I don’t like taking photos of myself, for a couple of reasons, but mostly because getting selfie photos to look right is tough.  Then, there was the “how much do I want to reveal of myself” conundrum. (Reveal meaning…seeing more than my eyes or a side profile but my whole face.)  After taking many photos in different environments…in the office…in my car…at the beach…I settled on two different photos.  I tried each one several times via instagram but not finalizing them until I decided this morning.

After finalizing and sending it off to the different social media sites I participate in, I held my breath, worried a little about the way looked (this is one reason I don’t photograph myself) and a little about how much this is going to reveal who I am (what I look like…because sometimes I like to be a little anonymous).  Then, the comments and likes from my friends started to roll in the respective social media sites.  Just receiving the likes and the comments made me feel a lot better.  Thanks Friends!

Here’s my “Selfie” for Day 8 of the August Break 2013:


Well, that’s over. Now, I can get on to the “easier” (maybe) photo prompts.

Until tomorrow!

August Break 2013

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