Floral #augustbreak2013 and Some Updates

The August Break 2013 photo prompt for today (Day 16) is Floral.

The other day I walked by this tree/bush (?) where I work and saw the lovely flowers blooming from it.  I just thought it was very pretty and delicate, totally fitting the environment it was growing in.


I am now 16 days in with this project and I constantly thinking what to do next…or even looking way ahead and considering my options for “subjects”.  I’m thinking this is the creative jolt I’ve needed.

Tomorrow’s prompt is really making me think.

August Break 2013

In other news, I finished my Surrounding Tank by Hannah Fettig, knit in the Birch colorway with Quince & Co’s Sparrow (100% linen).  As I was knitting this I really wasn’t sure if this was going to turn out a success…the armholes ended up being a little larger than I wanted them to be (and I probably could have fixed that early on if I knew this) and I could tell my knitting tension from knitting in the round was different from my when I was knitting flat, and it just felt large. When realizing the armholes were going to be a bit longer, I began to consider the length of the body.  From what the pattern indicated, I realized that, with the longer armholes and the pattern indicated length, the tank was going to be too long in the body.  From this, I decided to knit to the length I felt worked for me, not what the pattern said.  While it was washing and drying, I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t work, that it would be too short and that I had messed it up, etc. Once it was dry, I tried it on immediately.  It worked perfectly.  It looks great! And, I am so happy!

Surrounding Tank

I had already decided I would wear a tank top underneath so that wasn’t a concern for me…in fact, I can wear it with a long sleeve t-shirt taking this top into fall/winter!

My next major knitting project will be a cardigan with chevrons as showcased on the cover of Knitscene magazine…I’m making it in a lovely heathered mocha brown (with red and gold highlights). I’m not quite ready to start it yet so I’m working on the socks I started back in January, I believe, and I’m getting close to the toe.  I’d like to finish the 1st sock before starting the cardigan…and then periodically working on the 2nd sock.

I’ll be back soon to share the next August Break 2013 photo. Until then, have a great day!

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