Taste (The second time around) #augustbreak2013

This is my submission for today (Day 20) Taste #2 for August Break 2013.


It’s a piece of blueberry buckle…veganized…that I took to work for a staff lunch.  While the lunch was catered, we were asked to bring desserts.

When I went to visit my mom a couple weekends ago, she showed me a blueberry buckle recipe from Alton Brown that she wanted to make for me…she had a lot of blueberries and knew that I loved blueberry buckle*.  And, she wanted to make it vegan (so that I could enjoy it, after all).  Also, I’m just so proud of my mom thinking of how to veganize a recipe without me helping her do it.

It was so good!  When considering what to bring for the staff lunch, I knew I had to make blueberry buckle – veganized.

To make it yourself, follow the recipe that is linked above.  If you want to veganize it, do the following and bake as noted:

To replace the egg…mix together 1T chia seeds (found at Whole Foods And Trader Joes!) with 3T water.  Set aside for a couple of minutes to allow the chia seeds and water to set.  (You may or may not notice the chia seeds in the finished baked product.)

To replace the milk…use almond milk (or whatever plant based milk you like to use, but I would think you want a mild tasting one so that it allows the blueberries and spices to shine).

To replace the butter…use Earth Balance Butter Sticks (the Earth Balance in the tub is a little too soft for the topping).

Notes: I made this in an 8″x8″ pan (recipe says 9″x9″ which I didn’t have) and baked it for 5 minutes or so longer than what the recipe states.  Because of the smaller pan, it is taller than what it would be if I baked it in the pan stated in the recipe.

*The story about me loving blueberry buckle is this…Gerber baby food used to make (I really haven’t checked to see if they still do) a fruit pudding-like dessert for babies called Blueberry Buckle.  My mom told me this while growing up and when we went to the grocery store I would go and look for it in the baby food jar aisle…and yes, ask my mom to buy a jar for me. (I would do this even into my teens.)  So, of course I love blueberry buckle in whatever form it comes in!

I hope you give this recipe a try…especially as summer slowly comes to a close.  Enjoy!

And, until tomorrow with the next August Break 2013 photo.

August Break 2013

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